It seems whale watching is becoming quite a thing here in northern Michigan.

Sleeping Bear Dune’s National Lake shore

Many people, both tourist and local’s alike do not realize that large whale populations migrate through the great lakes every year, including our vary own Grand Traverse Bay’s. (See images at bottom of post)


Grand Traverse East Bay

According to Great Lakes Whale Watching Charter Boat Site, ““The Great Lakes is a fantastic place to observe the annual whale migration.  The Great Lakes offers some amazing viewing opportunities. Simply grab a pair of binoculars & look for the ‘blow’ at one of the many easily accessible viewing points. Or give yourself a real treat and get an even closer look by hopping on board one of our special Whale/Dolphin Watching Cruise Boats.”




So could whale watching be the next big tourist boom?  Bigger then micro brews, wine, or even cherry’s?  Some think so…  A recent edition of Seiche, the Minnesota Sea Grant newsletter from the University of Minnesota, addressed reported whale sightings in Lake Superior and referenced the unofficial source for info on the subject, the North Shore Visitor website featuring Freshwater Whale Watching Along the North Shore

Lake Michigan Whale Watching Tours

Aerial Bridge, Duluth Minnesota (Seiche photo)

Close to 10,000 people follow the Facebook Page Lake Michigan Whale Migration Station. 

And some local economists believe it brings in an estimated 3.5 billion dollars to the region annually.







Here are some photo’s of the whales take right here in Grand Traverse West Bay