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Home Staging 101

Home staging is one of the most powerful ways to make buyers want to buy your home. It can be as simple as de-cluttering and repainting. Or it can require a clean sweep that involves storing belongings off-site; redecorating, and even renting furniture and art to make your place show well. Here are the basics [...]

2017-02-04T23:03:04-05:00August 17th, 2015|Home Tips, Tricks, & Ideas, Real Estate Tips|

What You Need to Do When Saying Goodbye to Your Home

Moving is such sweet sorrow. There’s the joy and anticipation of settling into your new space and the pain of leaving the old one behind. Over on Houzz, they’ve come up with some easy steps to make letting go a little less hard. Take lots of photos, of course—but you already knew that. How about [...]

2017-02-04T23:03:04-05:00August 6th, 2015|Real Estate Tips|

Before You Get Settled Into Your New Home, Make These Changes Immediately

The moving frenzy never ends: Even after you close, the to-do lists drag on and on—endless pages of bullet points that keep you up at night when all you want is to begin your new life. Some of them are fun, like redecorating and buying new furniture. “When you move into a new house, you’re [...]