Order Tracking

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Mid-American strives to bring technology to the forefront, making the process smarter, simpler, and faster.  That requires us to think outside the box, toss out the play book, and invent the new industry standards.

We have done it again by being the FIRST to bring you online order tracking like you have never seen before!!! 

Explanation of Order Status

Order Received: Order has been received and we are beginning the process of entering into our software.

Order in Examination: Order has been entered and is with our examination department, awaiting full examination and the commitment to be typed.

Order in Pre-Processing: Order has been fully examined and is with our closing department. You will soon be contacted by our processors with the title Commitment and to obtain all necessary items to complete your transaction.

Processing Complete: All Requirements have been fulfilled and we are awaiting scheduling or clear-to-close with lender.

Closing Scheduled: Closing has been scheduled with agents and/or lender. We are working on finalizing the Settlement Statement and closing documents.

Complete: File is fully closed and disbursed

*** The Online Order Tracking System Is Updated Daily And May Not Always Reflect The Most Up To Date Information. The Tracking System Is For Informational Purposes Only***